with Adam Wathan

Watch me implement client-side image preview with Vue.js on a previous stream!

Hey! I'm Adam Wathan and I'm building a SaaS app called KiteTail that helps people launch successful digital products.

I'm sharing the whole process through weekly newsletter updates, a podcast, and regular live coding streams.

What's the schedule?

  • Behind-the-scenes newsletter every Monday
  • Live coding Tuesdays and Fridays at 3pm EST on YouTube
  • New podcast episode every other Wednesday

What sort of stuff will you be working on?

KiteTail is a Laravel app with a bunch of Vue.js sprinkled into the front-end.

Here's a few of the features I need to build next:

  • Previewing product pages while they're in draft mode
  • Logging webhook attempts and supporting manual retries
  • Guessing theme color recommendations based on the product image
  • Generating custom invoices for business customers

Why should I follow along?

If you're interested in any of these topics, I promise you'll pick up a few tips:

  • Test-Driven Development with Laravel
  • Building interactive components with Vue.js
  • Object oriented design and clean code
  • Structuring a real-world web app
  • Slicing features and continuous delivery

I'm convinced! How do I stay in the loop?

...and subscribe below to get the weekly newsletter:

Who are you?

Hey! I'm @adamwathan, the guy behind Test-Driven Laravel, Refactoring to Collections, and Full Stack Radio.